K-pop group EXO announces comeback date after almost 4 years

  • After a long wait, it is finally confirmed when EXO’s comeback will be

EXO-L finally has the news that they have been waiting for, since SM Entertainment has just confirmed that EXO will have their great comeback on this date in 2023.

This news is already reassuring fans who have closely followed the case of the lawsuit that Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin have with SM due to a problem about their contracts, for which it was thought that they could leave the K- group. Pop.

It seems that this will remain as a separate issue, since so far they will participate in EXO’s comeback and the rest of the activities such as the new reality show in which they are filming in Busan, although without Kai who continues in the military service.

SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO’s comeback will be next Monday, July 10, 2023, as shared by Rex Nation. Also, the K-Pop band is about to release their 7th album, so we are just a few weeks away from enjoying new music. At the moment, not much has been revealed about the concept of EXO’s comeback.

Another of EXO-L’s doubts is what will happen to Kai in EXO’s comeback. Well, they confirmed that he will indeed continue his mandatory military service in South Korea, but that the idol already recorded the parts of EXO’s new album long before joining the Korean army.