Kalimba is accused of sexual harassment and abuse by the singer Melissa Galindo

Thirteen years after facing abuse allegations towards a minor, again kalimba it is marked for improperly touching a singer.

through a broadcast On Instagram, Melissa Galindo reported that the events happened a long time agoafter she opened a concert of the member of OV7 in Monterrey.

After celebrating with the rest of the team, moment in that Kalimba drank a lot, she asked to be taken to her hotel, while the others they had decided to continue the party elsewhere.

He says that in the van she sat behind the co-pilot place and Kalimba stood next to her. He assured that the first thing he did the singer was touching his knee and began to tell him that he had heard very good reviews of his music.

“Suddenly I felt something touch my vaginaHis hand ran up her and it was like the net went into shockI closed (my legs) and put my hands, but I didn’t say anything, because I said capable it was unintentionallywhy do I make a mess, right now not even the case. I am with his people, with his team, here unprotectednor in the case of making a mess», the Sinaloan told.

Throughout just over 26 minutes, the singer-songwriter recounts that three years ago Kalimba invited her to join his label. But both knew each other from before, even before when the singer he was in prison.

«I knew him since before prison and I asked him what happened and in the name of God he told me that he had not I did nothing and I believed,” he says.

Melissa remembers that later from the first touch, Kalimba did not try anything else, pues she started dating someone else.

Kalimba wanted to have sex with Melissa

One morning, during the Covid-19 quarantine, received calls from Kalimba and the manager of both to invite her to go to which he refused. But in the eveningThey both showed up at his home.
That says, was one of the reasons why hadn’t made up his mind to speak until the moment, because they know where he lives.

In that occasion, to avoid staying at home, he chose to go out with them andalready in the truck, Kalimba played it again. Things got worse when we got to his house, who tried to have sex with her.

“No one is going to find out, he told me,” he highlights.

The next day Melissa contacted a lawyer to help you to end the contract with the labelarguing breach of the same by the company.

In response, the label sent a list of alleged debts on her part.

«I asked for prices and notes that never arrived, because obviously all the receipts were ultra-inflated,” he says.

Minutes later, in another videothe interpreter thanked those who From the first moment they showed their support.

“I’m fine thanks. And nothing, honestly I did this for don’t keep happening and so that every day they have more afraid to touch to a woman who doesn’t He has given rise to touching his body, “he stressed.