Kalimba is exhibited by a fan for bad attitude after asking for a photo

Gabriela Quintanila recounted her bad experience with Kalimba through Twitter (@Gabyyq_)

Seeing Kalimba enter the restaurant where she works, Gabriela Quintanilla was moved and decided to approach the singer to ask for a photo, but her joy turned to disappointment when she noticed the famous man’s bad attitude.

First, Gabriela commented: “Today I met Kalimba, he came to the restaurant where I work and because he is famous (according to my logic) I recognized him, I got excited and asked him for a photo.”

But the singer did not have a good attitude: “At first the guy didn’t even want to speak in Spanish, he asked something and I answered him in Spanish and he kept asking in English.”

“Then I asked him for a photo and he said yes, but I wanted to work more than he wanted to be in the photo. Later, when I checked his Instagram, I saw that he had commented that ‘Sometimes he wishes phones didn’t have cameras when he feels tired,’” he added, adding a screenshot of this Kalimba story to the post.

Then, the young woman attacked the famous: “My life, I was the only one in the pin… airport that recognized you, from there not even the flies stopped on your plate of food.”

“I know that they are human and that they also have good and bad days and maybe today was a bad day for him,” he added.

Likewise, Gabriela said that “they forget that thanks to their fans they still manage to make their little coins, they should be a little nicer when it comes to treating us.”

“Have a good night, everyone except Kalimba, and hopefully the food has hurt her,” concluded the restaurant worker.