Karely Ruiz boasts a photo with Sebastián Rulli and fans ask Angelique Boyer to be careful

  • Karely Ruiz presumed that on her return to Mexico City she met the actor Sebastian Rulli

Recently, the successful model Karely Ruiz boasted that on her return to Mexico City she met the actor Sebastian Rulli.

It was at the Mexico City Airport that the young woman from Monterrey met the soap opera heartthrob, with whom she took the opportunity to take a selfie.

The influencer was in Guatemala to attend modeling and brand image events, while the Argentine went to New York because he will be the protagonist of the remake of the soap opera ‘The strange return of Diana Salazar’.

Like many people, Karely fell in love with the actor’s charms, who at 47 continues to boast a spectacular body.

However, after uploading the photo to their social networks, many fans suggested to Angelique Boyer, Sebastián’s partner, that she be careful with Karely.

And it is that many have not forgiven the model for having messed with the Santa Fe Klan, because some time ago she had said that she had a good relationship with Maya Nazor, the musician’s former partner.

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