Karely Ruiz suffered mistreatment when trying to sell her clothes in tianguis

The Monterrey influencer explained that she even wanted to pay to be allowed to sell, however, they ran her out of the place

Karely Ruiz has become one of the most viral celebrities in Mexico, so all her fans are aware of her every move and this time the model was caught in a market in Nuevo León selling her clothes, however the situation It didn’t end in the best way.

The famous OnlyFans model has been characterized by being very close to her fans, so in her recent venture she did not hesitate to greet those who approached her.

As expected, the clip where Karely Ruiz is seen selling her clothes went viral and has monopolized the gossip of the show business, because although many applaud the gesture, other netizens criticize her.

Through TikTok, a netizen shared a clip where the model Karely Ruiz is seen, aboard a truck, selling her clothes in the Escobedo market, Nuevo León.

“Raza, you won’t believe me: Karely came to the market to sell her clothes. Definitely the best trip to the market I’ve ever had. She is beautiful in person ”wrote the user.

Apparently Karely Ruiz, who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday, also gave offers to those who bought from her, since the clothes were priced at 50 pesos, but there was a “tremendous offer” of 3 pieces for 100 pesos.