Karla Mora, Guillermo Ochoa’s wife, received death threats

Two errors by Guillermo Ochoa against Canada cost Mexico the result in the World Cup qualifiers (Photo: EFE / Carlos Ramírez) (Carlos Ramírez /)

The poor results of the Mexican Soccer Team in their last matches, in which they registered three defeats, two victories and a draw, have deeply penetrated the national fans, which have concentrated on attacking the coaching staff and the players of the team. national.

However, the attacks went very far. Karla Mora, wife of Guillermo Ochoa, denounced from her Instagram account death threats, torture and rapes against her and her entire family for the performances that the goalkeeper had in the matches against the United States and Canada during the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

With a storie, Mora shared the message that a user sent her and with which she decided to threaten her strongly. “Tell your asshole not to play with the National Team anymore, but to kill you and rape you and your family”Wrote the attacker.

Behind the reflection written by the couple of the goalkeeper of America there is another message, which cannot be read completely, only the letters “I accept …”.

For her part, Karla Mora decided to dedicate a message to this person and to all the others who are dedicated to “throwing hate” and making threats against footballers and their families, then, she said, “hate leads to nothing good”.

Karla Mora, wife of Guillermo Ochoa, received death threats
predicted many “joys” on the part of the Mexican National Team in the next matches (Photo: Instagram)

In addition, predicted many “joys” on the part of the Mexican National Team in the next matches, which will be crucial for the direct qualification to the World Cup next year, as they currently remain in third position, tied with Panama, behind the United States and Canada.

“Hate does not lead to anything good. It is a sport, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We are all human beings and we can all make mistakes And just from those mistakes is where the character comes out, your best version and a million good moments. Calm, there is still a long way to go and I am sure that they will give Mexico many joys. You better work and take care for the good of your families and loved ones ”, wrote Mora.

“Chaka” Rodríguez also received threats

Another of the favorite footballers of coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino who was intimidated by fans was the Mexican defender Lewis Chaka Rodriguez, who denounced through his social networks that both he and his wife were victims of insults and even, from threats of death. The footballer shared the screenshots as proof of this.

“Chaka” Rodríguez was also the victim of threats after the match against the US (Photo: Twitter / @ Diegol90Mx)

After showing the images of the conversation, the one who threatened returned to establish communication with the Chaka and he replied: “I really take into account all the positive and negative comments to be able to attend to these areas, football is and will be a dream come true for me, leaving the selection is not an option for me”.

“About the stories I did not do it to show you Miguel, I did it because I use my social networks to share the word of God, and what you did is to confirm to people that we all need to get closer to him, I wish with all my heart that God touch your heart and if I can help you with something other than football, I’ll be attentive! ”Rodríguez wrote.

Panorama of Mexico in the qualifying rounds

Mexico has only six knockout games left to decide if it will go to Qatar 2022, which are equivalent to 18 points. Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, Honduras and El Salvador will be, in that order, his next rivals.

If the majority of the disputed points are not obtained, heThe appearance of the National Team in the next World Cup would remain on the tightrope, as it is tied with Panama and only five units from Costa Rica, which is fifth in Concacaf.


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