Karol G will leave the stage to take a break and study

As expected, the news surprised all Internet users on social networks.

After releasing her latest album ‘Tomorrow it will be beautiful’, Karol G released news that has taken millions of users on social networks by surprise, as the Colombian artist announced that she will take a break from live performances to dedicate yourself to studies and develop in other areas as an artist.

It was through an interview for the EXA Mexico radio station where he made this news known.
“This year I will not be on stage as much because I decided to take a break from the stage to be able to study and evolve in other aspects,” explained Karol G.

She recognized that her most recent tour taught her great things independently and without the need to be helped by someone else: “I want to study because making music for myself on tour pushed me so much. Learning to record myself, learning to produce much more, learning to develop myself in so many ways.
of my life, that before I was used to having someone do it for me”.

Unfortunately, fans of his most recent hit TQG will have to wait a couple of months to be able to listen live, as he acknowledged that it will be until 2024 when he returns to the stage with a tour to promote his new album, of which he already gave a small hint. .

“I think that this pause that I am going to take will be very positive, I think that my next album will be very experimental for me,” he said.