Karyme Lozano is already a grandmother at 45 years old

Karyme Lozano debuts as a grandmother.

After having returned to soap operas after almost a decade away from the screen, Karyme Lozano45, shared with her followers that she is already a grandmother.

The day finally arrived for the family of the beloved actress Karyme Lozano after her daughter, Ángela, who is currently 23 years old and decided to dedicate herself to the legal profession, gave her one of the happiest news of her life.

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“I have no words to describe what I am feeling and experiencing… thank you God the Father for your generosity and love. Welcome to the world My Isabel! Congratulations Angela and Pablo! God bless you on this new and wonderful adventure.”

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“I am very proud of you. I love them. The song that Mía enjoyed the most in her womb ‘My beloved girl’!!! I’m a grandmother! “What a thrill!” expressed the soap opera actress. ‘Mines of passion’.

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It should be noted that Karyme Lozano met the actor as well Aitor Iturrioz in the soap opera ‘Tres mujeres’ in 1999, they fell in love, had a short relationship and had their daughter Ángela in 2000. Two years later the couple separated on good terms.

Four years ago and after several attempts to have more children, the actress made the decision with her husband Michael Domingo to adopt two little ones: Mateo and Ana Lucía.