Karyme Lozano tells us what convinced her to return to Televisa after 9 years

In the middle of the recordings of Mi secreto, a melodrama by Carlos Moreno that marks his reappearance in the ranks of Televisa after nine years, Karyme Lozano tells us about the move he just made to Mexico.

How do you feel now that you return to Televisa? Super grateful, super blessed… Very excited. Although I was doing other projects in movies and series, nothing like the closeness that soap operas give you. My audience asked me when I was going to return, and I promised them that when I got a story and a beautiful character. This is the moment, because a character called Daniela came to me, a great challenge because she is a woman who has been in a coma for 25 years, wakes up and faces everything new in life. Arturo Peniche and I are the mature protagonists; working with him was a dream; I admire him, he is a great actor, super professional, a gentleman… He makes me feel very lucky, and besides, working with Carlos Moreno again is a privilege.

These nine years that you were away from novels, was it your own decision? It was not on purpose; really, time goes by so fast that sometimes you don’t realize it and I focused on my family; Let’s say I started over, because I have two little ones: one four years old and the other three, and I found other passions such as directing, writing, and I didn’t realize that so many years had passed. I realized that time flew by, but the project that moved my heart had not yet arrived.

But, if you were something you missed… Of course! So much so that she dreamed of it. I haven’t told anyone this, but I dreamed of certain people I worked with in the soap operas, I dreamed of the prompter, the camera technician, the lighting technician… Their faces were very clear to me, because it was something I missed, but I didn’t want to do any soap opera. I love working with Carlos Moreno, because he makes quality products, he always has some great casts and the team of writers that are Martha Carrillo and Cristina García, with whom I have three stories; In addition, with them I made my debut as the protagonist in Tres mujeres. Now I feel as excited as that first day I started working at Televisa, in the 90s.

Finishing the telenovela Mi secreto, do you return to the United States? I don’t want to go away for so long anymore; I feel that I have been very absent and it is time to resume my career. I realize how important it is to fulfill the public that has always been there, waiting for me. I feel that I have found the balance, because, in addition, my children are older.

Did you bring your whole family to Mexico? Yes; it’s that we’re like muéganos: we don’t split up, unless it’s a short project, like it was in Mazatlan, where I stayed for a month. They went to visit me and I them; however, this is a project of at least six months of work and we all came.

How does your husband adapt to the Mexican culture? Do you speak Spanish well? He is American, he is learning it; He’s from an Italian family, but they didn’t teach him the language either, that’s why he finds Spanish so hard, but there he goes, improving. He loves Mexico, he supports me 100% in my career because he likes to see me happy and he knows that it is my passion. Now, I am not going to neglect my country so much; I already realized the importance that Mexico has in my heart, in my family, in my career…

Do your children speak Spanish well? In that they are; they understand it, but it is a bit difficult for them to speak it; I know that in these six months that we will be here they will learn it super fast.

Star of hits like Tres mujeres and Niña amada mía, Karyme Lozano met in 2012 michael sunday, whom he married in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and formed a warm home. After some failed attempts to have children of their own, the couple decided to adopt in 2018; that’s how they arrived Matthew and Ana Lucia.

“For those women who want to be mothers, but have not been able to, I invite them to try the beautiful option of adoption, they will not regret it, it is a beautiful thing,” said the artist on her social networks, promoting this act that has only brought happiness to his life.