Kate del Castillo breaks down in tears and explodes against bullfighting

Kate del Castillo brought out her animalistic side and criticized bullfighting.


The renowned Mexican actress Kate del Castillo has caused a stir on social networks after publishing a video on her Instagram account where she breaks down in tears and speaks out strongly against bullfighting.

Kate de Castillo says bullfighting tarnishes Mexico’s image

In the video, which lasts just over a minute, the protagonist of the series ‘La Reina del Sur’ assures that the so-called fiesta brava is a shame for Mexico because of the way in which they torture a bull as part of the show.

Kate del Castillo began her protest with a strong message ensuring that Mexico’s reputation is tarnished by bullfighting. “Bullfighting is a stain in Mexico for the reputation of the country where I was born,” said the actress.

The actress reported that supposedly one of the bulls in last Sunday’s bullfight had to be sacrificed, because the bullfighter failed to kill the bull, which Kate del Castillo considered to be torture until the death of a living being. as is the bull.

“In one of the bullfights this past Sunday, one of the matadors failed, he failed three times when trying to kill the bull with his sword. They had to drag the bull out of the ring, still alive, so that they could later butcher it behind closed doors. I can’t even imagine what that animal must have suffered. Every animal is someone, no one deserves to be tortured to death,” said the actress.

Finally, the actress stated, in a forceful manner, that she will not stop until “this bloody sport” is canceled in Mexico. “We are not going to stop fighting until this bloody sport is canceled throughout Mexico,” she stated.

Kate del Castillo’s words provoked many polarized opinions on social networks. Although many supported her for defending animals, others criticized her for talking about a “Mexican tradition,” when she currently resides in the United States.

This incident leads us to reflect on the importance of respect and limits in interactions between artists and their fans. Although artists often have a close relationship with their fans, it is crucial to remember that they too have a right to their personal space.

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