Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom accused of ‘abusing’ an elderly man to take away his mansion

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have expressed their desire to keep the mansion despite the seller regretting his decision.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry bought a mansion in July 2020. Now, the couple is involved in controversy over this acquisition because relatives of the seller launched a delicate accusation against the couple.

According to relatives of the previous owner, The famous people would have “taken advantage” of the seller to buy the mansion at a lower price at its real cost because the original owner was no longer capable of doing a business of that magnitude.

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The house belonged to Carl Wescott, an 84-year-old businessman who suffers from Huntington’s disease. a degenerative condition that ends up mentally deteriorating the patient. Currently, Carl is in a retirement home, but his family has decided not to give up on this matter.


According to judicial sources, the businessman bought the house for $11.25 million in May 2020 with the intention of spending the rest of his life there; However, in July of that year he signed a contract with a real estate company to sell the property for 15 million dollars.

It was precisely in July 2020 that Carl Wescott underwent back surgery and was prescribed powerful opioid analgesics to combat painr; However, the medicines would have also affected his mental capacity.

Carl Westcott He regretted his decision days later to sell the mansion, with 2.5 acres and a total of eight rooms; However, by then the sale had already been arranged so that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will keep the property.

“His age, weakness due to his back condition and recent surgery, along with the opioids he took several times a day, left him mentally ill.”allege Wescott’s lawyers, whose relatives are in a bitter legal battle with the celebrity couple over this issue.