Katy Perry will debut in the cinema and will be the protagonist of “Melody”

Singer Katy Perry will lend her voice in “Melody”, a new animated film

Katy Perry will star in the animated film “Melody,” produced by ZAG and directed by Jeremy Zag, and marks the singer’s feature film debut.

Through her social networks, Katy Perry posted an image of the character, which generated the emotion of her fans.

The animated film “Melody” will tell the story of an insecure singer who is unable to make her dream come true, thanks to a pop star who wants to kill her.

The leading character of Katy Perry has great skills in pop music and magical abilities that help her stand out.

“Melody is someone who has to believe in herself, and to do so, she has to learn to love herself before considering how people look at her.”

“Melody” by singer Katy Perry does not yet have an official release date, however it will be an animated and musical film.

Similarly, it has been announced that the singer is composing some songs that will be part of the animated film.

In the coming weeks, the name of the cast that will accompany Katy Perry in the new animated film “Melody” will be announced.