Kendall Jenner makes Bad Bunny jealous scene for Emily Ratajkowski

The model Kendall Jenner knows that Emily Ratajkowski may not always “behave nice” and the moment circulates in networks where she prevents her from getting close to Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have become the couple of the moment and are under the attention of the whole world, they have starred in a jealous scene that has gone viral on networks.
Although neither of the two involved has declared that their relationship is real, it has not been denied either.
It was recently that the two were seen arriving at the MET Gala event, this past Monday, May 1. The rules of said event is not to record anything inside, but it is allowed in the after party of the same, where they were seen together.

In a video you can see that both are enjoying the party.

The famous model Emily Ratajkowski, who was very close to them, was enjoying the dance, after the rapper was seen living with Emily, Kendall stretched out her arms to hug him and make some movements showing jealousy.

Apparently the model would look at Ratajkowski in an aggressive way, while she turned to avoid further contact with both.

It has begun to be rumored that something else could have happened between them as well, although nothing has been confirmed either.

Benito’s reaction was unexpected and he was only seen trying to follow Jenner’s plan.