Kevin Benavides had his birthday and starred in a comeback that could be worth another victory in the Dakar Rally

Everything OK for Kevin Benavides from Salta: he had his birthday, was second in the seventh set and now completes the partial podium on motorcycles. He put himself within range to revalidate the crown

On the day of your 33rd birthday, Kevin Benavides had a key day for his aspirations to retain the crown in motorcycles in the Dakar rally 2022. The man from Salta did a great job by being second in stage 7, which allowed him to climb to third place in the general classification of the race that takes place in Saudi Arabia. With his KTM, the Salta managed the 402 kilometers of speed and 299 of link of the section between Riyadh and Al Dawadimi.

With 100 kilometers of dunes, the sand was once again the protagonist of the route in which Kevin remained among the first, had a good pace and did not fail in navigation, which allowed him to complete the partial podium in the seven days of the race . “It was important to have recovered all that time. Tomorrow it will be key not to lose so much opening track (N. de la R: those who start first find the stones and other complications in the route) and the next day we can leave behind, continue in that game, but the race It has become exciting, we have put a little spice”Benavides told Infobae.

Kevin started the set this Sunday being eighth in the general classification and did what he had to to be able to put himself within range in the fight for the victory, but also a fortuitous event played in his favor: the Australian Daniel sanders (GASGAS), which was one of the leaders, suffered a fall on the link section. He injured an elbow, was hospitalized and was out of the race. Another one who had a difficult day was English Sam sunderland (GASGAS), which was delayed. Benavides jumped to third place overall, just five minutes from the leader, the French Adrien van beveren (Yamaha) already 11 seconds behind the Austrian Matthias walkner (KTM).

Argentines at the Dakar Rally
The Córdoba-born Pablo Copetti is second in quadricycles (ASO Press)

The seventh set was won by the Chilean Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) and Benavides was only 44 seconds away. Third was Spanish Joan Barreda Bort (Sling). Fourth turned out Kevin’s younger brother, Luciano Benavides placeholder image (Husqvarna), who is now 15th overall.

The rest of the Argentines in the category were: Diego Llanos placeholder image (KTM), was 19th and 31st overall; Diego Noras (Husqvarna), 70th and 58th overall; Joaquin Debeljuh Taruselli (KTM), was 71st and 66th overall; Y Matias Notti (KTM) finished 102nd (106th overall).


The Argentine who fights for the victory, Pablo Copetti (Yamaha), was third behind the French Alexander Giroud (Yamaha) and the Brazilian Marcelo medeiros (Yamaha), the winner of the day. Copetti is second overall, 18 minutes behind Giroud.

The other two Argentines in the category, Francisco Moreno (Yamaha), finished 6th and is 5th overall, and for now, Carlos Verza (Yamaha) didn’t cross the finish line.

The Mendoza Lucio Álvarez is fourth in the general classification in cars (EFE / EPA / YOAN VALAT)
Mendoza’s Lucio Álvarez is fourth in the general classification in cars (EFE / EPA / YOAN VALAT) (YOAN VALAT /)


Lucio Alvarez (Toyota) finished seventh (4th overall). Orlando Newfoundland, with the prototype of the Bahrain Raid Extreme team he was 11th (6th overall). Sebastian halpern (Mini) was 16th (9th overall) and Juan Cruz Yacopini (Toyota) finished 28th (23rd overall).

The French Sebastien loeb, a teammate from Terranova, took the set. The qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) was second, but still in command of the general classification. Third was Spanish Carlos Sainz (Audi).

Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah heads to his fourth victory in the Dakar Rally (EFE / Biel Aliño)
Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah heads to his fourth victory in the Dakar Rally (EFE / Biel Aliño) (Biel Aliño /)


Kamaz continues his dominance and this Sunday Anton Shibalov led the Russians 1-2 ahead of Eduard Nikolaev. Third was the Dutch Martin Van Den Brink (Iveco). Dmitry Sotnikov was 5th and remains a leader in the aggregate.


The caravan will leave this Monday towards the south of the country and it will be stage 8 that will link Al Dawadimi with Wadi Ad Dawasir, with a timed section of 395 kilometers and 435 connecting. During the first 200 kilometers of the speed sector it will be all sand and dunes, and it is announced as one of the toughest days of the last week of the race.


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