Kim Jong-un reappeared with his daughter at a public event

Kim Jong-un and his daughter Kim Ju-ae in Pyongyang (KCNA/Reuters) (KCNA/)

North Korean dictator kim jong unreappeared publicly with his daughter in a photo session published this Sunday by the state media on the occasion of the inauguration of a new street in Pyongyang.

Kim attended the ceremony in Pyongyang’s Sopho area on Saturday, along with his daughter, whom he officially no name or age has been released (although it is believed that it could be called Kim Ju-ae), to inaugurate a construction project for some 4,100 homes in the north of the city, the North Korean state agency said on Sunday, KCNA.

In the images you can see the North Korean leader applauding with his daughter, as well as with various members of his government, a new example of how Kim Ju-ae would be gaining a greater presence in public life when attending important acts of the regime.

Kim poses in the Sopho District, in Pyongyang (KCNA/Reuters)
Kim poses in the Sopho District, in Pyongyang (KCNA/Reuters) (KCNA/)
(KCNA/Reuters) (KCNA/)

The growing presence of Kim’s daughter on prominent occasions as this 75th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean army has sparked speculation about its intentions.

The young woman appeared in the state media for the first time on November 19 last yearwhen he accompanied his father to witness the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Kim at the military parade in the capital (KCNA/Reuters)
Kim at the military parade in the capital (KCNA/Reuters) (KCNA/)

Also appeared with his father at an honorary football match and, previously, at a large military parade in the capital, Pyongyangwhen troops deployed more than a dozen intercontinental ballistic missiles, an unprecedented number that underscored how Kim continues to expand his military capabilities despite limited resources, while diplomacy remains stalled.

Before the parade, Kim Ju Ae also joined her father on a visit to the troops, where she sat in the seat of honor at a banquet while flanked by her parents and generals. She also appears alongside her father on several new postage stamps released to commemorate November’s ICBM test, which the North has described as a success.

North Korean media rarely disseminate information about close relatives of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled the country with an iron hand since the 1940s, and the girl had so far been no exception, as propaganda had never even acknowledged her identity before. existence.

Her presence in the regime’s propaganda has sparked all kinds of speculation about the possibility that Kim Jong-un is designating her as his successor, although a majority of experts believe that it is too early to say anything and that the regime may simply want to portray the leader as a family man.

Analysts say Kim Ju-ae’s appearances at major events related to the country’s military are her father’s way of reminding the world that he will never voluntarily give up his nuclear weapons and missiles, which he clearly sees as the best guarantee of his survival and prolongation of his family’s dynastic rule. His prominent exposure in state media could also be aimed at bolstering internal loyalty to the Kim family and preparing for a future hereditary handover of power.

While North Korean state media’s high-sounding descriptions of Kim Ju Ae as “beloved” and “respected” have fueled speculation that she is being groomed as a future leader, the South Korean minister of Unification leader Kwon Youngse played down that possibility during a parliamentary session on Wednesday.

Kwon, Seoul’s top official on North Korea, said Kim Jong Un’s relatively young age – believed to be 39 – and North Korea’s male-dominated power hierarchy make it questionable whether Kim Ju- ae is being prepared as its successor.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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