Kim Jong-un’s regime once again threatened nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un insists on the possibility of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula (Europa Press/Contact/Kim Jae-Hwan) (Europa Press/Contact/Kim Jae-Hw/)

The representative of the North Korean dictatorship at the UN warned this Tuesday of the existing risk of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsuladue, in particular, to the “reckless acts” of the United States.

The “continued hysteria of the United States and its allies in terms of nuclear confrontation (…) is bringing the Korean peninsula to a military situation on the brink of nuclear war,” warned Pyongyang’s ambassador Kim Songin a speech before the UN General Assembly.

Kim attacked Washington’s policy in Northeast Asia and denounced a “dangerous current situation (that) is the fault of the United States, which seeks to perfect its hegemonic ambition by all means by overestimating its power.”

For the representative of the communist regime of Kim Jong-un, “the responsibility also falls on the ruling forces of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) who intend to impose the scourge of a nuclear war against our nation.”

Seoul would be “obsessed with voluntary submission to the United States and fratricidal confrontation,” the North Korean diplomat concluded.

It is not the first time that the dictatorship has hinted at the possibility of a nuclear war. In fact, weeks ago North Korea carried out a “tactical nuclear attack” drill which included two long-range cruise missiles. The two cruise missiles carrying simulated nuclear warheads They were fired into the western sea of ​​the peninsula and flew 1,500 kilometers at a preset altitude of 150 meters.

North Korean state news agency KCNA He said the drill was carried out to “warn enemies” that the country will be prepared in the event of nuclear war.

For his part, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Armed Forces, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol warned North Korea on Tuesday about the possible use of atomic weapons, insisting that the alliance composed of Seoul and Washington would liquidate the Pyongyang regime if it decides to press the nuclear button.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un supervises a test of strategic cruise missiles aboard a Navy warship (KCNA via REUTERS)
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un supervises a test of strategic cruise missiles aboard a Navy warship (KCNA via REUTERS) (KCNA/)

“The North Korean regime must understand that nuclear weapons can never guarantee its security,” Yoon said at an event held at Seoul Air Base, in the town of Seongnam, south of the South Korean capital.

The event, which commemorated the founding of the army on October 1, 1948, was somewhat marred by rain, which prevented an air show from taking place.

On the occasion of the anniversary, a large military parade is also planned for today in the center of Seoul, the first to be held in the South Korean capital in the last decade.

“Our military will immediately retaliate against any North Korean provocation. “If North Korea uses nuclear weapons, its regime will see its end after an overwhelming response from the alliance between the Republic of Korea (official name of the South) and the United States,” he added.

Yoon also accused Kim Jong-un’s regime of being “obsessed” with nuclear weapons.which, according to him, “worsens the suffering of North Koreans,” who are “exploited and oppressed” by the authorities.

The southern president also said that South Korea will further strengthen security cooperation with the United States and Japan based on its “strong” alliance with Washington.

Kim Jong-un observes a new nuclear submarine, the
Kim Jong-un observes a new nuclear submarine, the “hero Kim Kun Ok,” at an unspecified location in North Korea (Korea Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP) (Uncredited/)

Under the Yoon Government, which came to power in May 2022, relations with Tokyo have improved substantially while communication with Pyongyang, which usually publishes insulting articles about the South Korean president, is non-existent.

“Our people will never be fooled by the tricks promising peace by the North Korean communist regime, its followers and anti-state forces,” Yoon added.

Following the failure of the 2019 denuclearization negotiations, tension has soared again on the Korean peninsulawith Pyongyang rejecting any offer of dialogue and has carried out a record number of missile tests, while Seoul and Washington have resumed their large joint maneuvers and periodically deployed US strategic assets in the region.

In this context, The North Korean regime has been increasing its nuclear arsenal for years and increasing tensions in the region as it threatens to use nuclear weapons in conflicts. He regularly conducts missile tests, especially last year.

In response, Yoon and the president of the United States, Joe Bidenagreed in April to expand joint military exercises, increase temporary deployments of US strategic assets and launch a bilateral nuclear advisory group.

(With information from AFP and EFE)