Kim Kardashian is destroyed for “blackening” her face in an advertising campaign

The latest advertising campaign for Kim Kardashian’s “Skims” brand has generated controversy and criticism, as some users on social networks accuse the socialite of having done blackface and abusing photoshop.

The images shared on the brand’s official accounts show Kim Kardashian with a ski look, wearing a warm red jumpsuit, as well as tanned skin burned by the cold.

In the photographs, Kim Kardashian wears voluminous blonde hair and highlights makeup that uses blue and white shadows to highlight the eyes, as well as an excess of blush to simulate skin burned by the cold.

However, what generated controversy is the darker tone of foundation she used, leading some users to accuse her of doing blackface and black fishing, terms that refer to cultural appropriation and the use of makeup to look like a different ethnic group.

Criticism is divided between those who consider it to be a look from the 70s/80s and those who accuse Kim Kardashian of blackfishing.

Some comments on social media express disapproval of the businesswoman’s change in skin tone and question whether she has abused photoshop to modify her physical appearance.