Kim Kardashian’s girdle saves the life of a young woman during a shooting in the United States

A video circulates on social networks in which a young woman assures that the bodysuit of the famous businesswoman saved her life after being shot four times in a shooting that occurred during New Year.

The story was told on TikTok by Wiley, the girl who was injured by the firearm. In the video, she details that the events occurred on January 1 in Kansas City, Missouri; According to her testimony, she was waiting for a lyft when she was shot four times but the SKIMS brand bodysuit prevented her from bleeding to death.

Kim Kardashian founded SKIMS in 2019, with the intention of creating a line of underwear and shapewear that would help shape the female body.

With a tone of humor and notable gratitude to the Kardashian, Wiley recounted her experience on social networks. This is what she said: “Kim Kardashian saved my life! This New Year I was shot four times. The night I was shot I was wearing a SKIMS shapewear bodysuit under my dress, it was so tight it literally prevented me from bleeding to death,” she explained, “I recommend it, I’m definitely going to buy a few more, I mean, I should wear them daily, it’s like armor for women,” she noted with evident joy at having survived.