Kimberly betrays Wendy Guevara and sells her support in favor of Raquel Bigorra in LCDLFM

Wendy Guevara, Kimberly the most precious and Paola Suárez


Although his stage name is Kimberly the most preciousin social networks they already nickname her Kimberly the most soldafter the friend of Wendy Guevara sold a video to favor Raquel Bigorra on social networks.

And it is that, despite the fact that Wendy Guevara asks the public to vote for her “tata”, Sergio Mayer, since they are both from Team Infierno, her friend Kimberly supported Team Cielo and asked for votes for Raquel Bigorra, who is also nominated in La house of the famous Mexico. Even Wendy said that she would prefer that Raquel be eliminated from the contest, but her friend asked the public to vote for Bigorra.

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Adela Micha does not tempt her heart and makes Ferka cry live

It must be remembered that the group of friends is famous as ‘The losses’after the original video where they appeared Wendy Guevara and Paola Suarez. It was precisely Paola, who evidenced the matter, by telling on her social networks that they contacted her to offer her money, “for a drink”, in exchange for videos where she asked the public to vote to save Bigorra from elimination.

Paola refused to support Raquel Bigorra, but Kimberly was on display.

Before Paola refused to publish the video, Kimberly the most precious had already published a video where she called Raquel Bigorra “sister” and asked for votes to save her, without caring that the Cuban woman is part of the team opposite her friend’s Wendy.


KIMBERLY SUPPORTS HER SISTER RAQUEL BIGORRA 💡💛 #lacasadelosfamososmx #lacasadelosfamosos3 #lacasadelosfamosos #wendyguevara

♬ original sound – TRUE LOSSES

In the scandal it also came out muddy Evelyn Hernandez, because he also published a video to ask for votes for Raquel. However, she assured that she did not pay her and she did it in good faith. After her severe criticism, she even contacted the person who asked for the videos in favor of Bigorra, to publicly confirm that she was not paid anything; however, at the end of the call he reminded her that he contacted her to offer her another project.

After being exposed, Kimberly had no choice but to accept that she did sell her support in favor of Raquel “because she lives from this.”

The public does not forgive and Kimberly has already been unfollowed, in addition to being called “sold” for selling her loyalty in exchange for a few pesos. What will Wendy Guevara say when she finds out what her friend did?


The public is furious with Kimberly the most precious.