Kimberly Dos Ramos and Emmanuel Palomares: the Venezuelan couple who will star on Televisa

The Venezuelan couple who will star on Televisa


Vivir de amor, the new telenovela by producer Salvador Mejía, tells the story of two sisters who will fight for the love of the same man. To be more exact, it is a remake of the Portuguese hit Ties of Blood, in which two sisters, as children, are carried away by the current of the river.

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In an attempt to save his daughters, the father jumps into the water, however he only manages to rescue Angelli, the eldest, but dies while trying to save his second daughter, whose body is never found. Despite the family drama and the intimate guilt she feels for having survived while her sister is dead, Angelli is a generous and determined girl.

To star in this soap opera, Salvador Mejía chose Venezuelans Kimberly Dos Ramos and Emmanuel Palomareswho will be accompanied by Gala Montes and Josh Gutiérrez, in charge of doing evil alongside Gabriela Spanic.

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During their presentation as the leading couple, Kimberly and Emmanuel told TVyNovelas how they felt about the commitment they had just made.

“It is my return to Mexico and Televisa after La desalmada. “I love playing villains, but this was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down because the role is that of a woman with a lot of character,” said Kimberly. For his part, Emmanuel assured that he is proud to raise the name of his country high.