Kimberly from Las Perdidas and Óscar Barajas are no longer engaged… Goodbye to the wedding!

The love between Óscar Barajas and Kimberly is over!

Kimberly The Most Precious puts an end to her relationship with Óscar Barajas, so they will no longer go up to the altar.

Kimberly Irene, better known as Kimberly The Most Preciousof The lossesHe ended his romantic relationship with Oscar Barajasa doctor by profession, with whom last March they announced their nuptial commitment and they were even seen in a Civil Registry, in their native Leon, Guanajuatobut Kimberly came out to clarify that she had not yet married.


Óscar Barajas shared the news of his breakup with Kimberly, thanking his friend Wendy Guevara having taught him “to love and be loved”.

“Today I thank life for having put a wonderful person on the road, who taught me to know what it is to love and be loved. Today we take different paths. Things that happened that only you and I know about, but you still marked a beautiful stage in my life that I will never forget.”

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Kimberly from Las Perdidas and Óscar Barajas are no longer engaged… Goodbye to the wedding!

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Without explaining his thunder, he assured that he really enjoyed this “beautiful stage” in his life.

“Keep going like this, from wherever I am, I will always be proud of you. Thank you for being a good human being and giving me the most valuable thing you have, which was your time.”

He reiterated his unconditional support when he needs it and asked him to take care of his parents.

“Today this story came to an end for both of us to start writing a better one and you know that even if we are no longer together, I will always be there for you when you need me. With all my heart I wish you to find your happiness with someone much better than me. With tears and a lump in my throat, thank you… I love you very much. You take good care of your parents and tell them that they did a great job for having an excellent daughter. I love you very much, Kimberly, Juan Luis Irene Romero ”, she concluded.

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