Kimberly from Las Pérdidas leaves her ex Óscar Barajas in a bad light after ending their relationship: I’m not going to cover it up

Kimberly and Óscar Barajas canceled their wedding.

The love story of Kimberly Irene, a member of Las Perdidas, and Óscar Barajas, came to a surprising end.

On the weekend we inform you punctually that Kimberly La Más Preciosa ended her sentimental relationship with the surgeon Óscar Barajas, after announcing their nuptial engagement.

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“Today I thank life for having put a wonderful person on the road, who taught me to know what it is to love and be loved. Today we take different paths. Things that happened that only you and I know about, but you still marked a beautiful stage in my life that I will never forget.”

“Keep going like this, from wherever I am, I will always be proud of you. Thank you for being a good human being and giving me the most valuable thing you have, which was your time,” Barajas wrote on his networks, without explaining the real reasons why they ended their relationship, only indicating that “only he and she know the reality, and despite everything, it was a beautiful stage in his life, ”Barajas wrote on his networks.

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Kimberly from Las Pérdidas leaves her ex Óscar Barajas in a bad light after ending their relationship: I’m not going to cover it up

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The followers of Kimberly Irene, who together with Wendy Guevara and Paola Suárez form the trio of Las Perdidasthey could not believe the news of their separation from Oscar Barajas because they would get married at the end of the year.

For his part, Kimberly Irene He later spoke about their split and put his ex’s dark side on display.

“Right now Óscar is disconnected, he’s wrong, I don’t know why he did that, but I don’t care that life is short, my sister said Wendy Guevara. If he no longer wants to be with me, he respects the decision, I am dedicated to my work, which is what gives me to excel, of course.”


“His put* drug use that he has, I have told him, my dad is a drug addict, of course, and I was too and I’m not ashamed, you think I’m going to cover up Óscar, no, and people are fine knows”.

Kimberly from The Lost He indicated that he tried to save him from the abyss he is in, but she is not his “nanny” to be taking care of him either.

“I am going to tell you a little because I am not going to tell you about my entire private life either. It’s like he’s been consuming crystal lately… I find it strange, and look, I know and it’s a very ugly addiction, I tried to help him, to save him, and he didn’t want to, unfortunately I’m not his mother, I’m not his nana, he is already big, he already knows what is right and what is wrong”.

The trans influencer, originally from León, Guanajuatomade it clear that she does love Óscar very much and that she has a clear conscience, so when she is in her five senses, she hopes to be able to talk to him about the situation.

“My mind, my conscience, is calm. I do love him very much, of course! I lived with him for a long time and he lived with my family. I am going to let him catch air, when the plane gets off, when he is in his five senses, and talk sisters, “he concluded.


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