Kimberly Loaiza broke down in tears when she discovered her luxury car wrecked

Kimberly Loaiza was the victim of a heavy joke (Photo: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza)

Kimberly loaiza she broke down in tears when she saw her Mini Cooper, luxury car, totally wrecked. The vehicle was a gift from her husband and, since then, the influencer has repeatedly shown his deep love for the car. However, he was tapped for a joke that was shared on his family YouTube channel.

On the YouTube profile of Cecia Loaiza, who shares a cousin relationship, talked about how she planned the heavy prank. According to the content creator, her prank videos have been well received, so she was encouraged to make one more. However, this time he stressed that there were moments where he stopped because he wondered about laughter.

Despite being determined to destroy Kimberly Loaiza‘s car, Cecia agreed to be a little scared, because they all live in the same house and, if it went wrong, it would create a very harsh environment. By the time the Mini Cooper was painted and beaten up, Kim was filming a video outside her home.

The first intervention they did to the luxury car was to paint it with aerosols. With legends like “Kimberly”, “I’m your fan” and “Kima”, named after the daughter of the victim of the prank, the car was losing its neat condition.

Despite the evil of the joke, Cecia Loaiza removed the upper part of the car. Being a convertible car, the awning was covered with a special fabric and not bodywork like the rest of the vehicle. According to Kimberly’s cousin, if this part were to get stained, it would be impossible to remove the traces of paint.

Cecia Loaiza
Cecia Loaiza is dedicated to creating videos for YouTube (Photo: Instagram / @ cecialoaiza_)

The video on YouTube, which adds up to more than 3 million views, have a twist or plotwist. Cecia Loaiza, who admitted to having several jokes for style, noticed that she had bought the wrong painting, well the one he applied to Kimberly’s car was not washable, as in previous jokes, but long-lasting.

To finalize the destruction of the property of the influencer and singer, Cecia tried to puncture the car’s tires with a knife. The youtuber He failed in his attempt, but did not foil his intentions and called a mechanic, who removed all the wheels from the Mini Cooper.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja entered the home and noticed the deplorable condition of their luxury vehicle. “No m * mes”you hear the influencer, while he is going to show his anger. “Who the v * rga did this? This fucking joke “he added.

Cecia Loaiza
Cecia with her cousin Kimberly, both digital stars (Photo: Instagram / @ cecialoaiza_)

Juan de Dios was the first to take action against the wrecking of the car: “To finish it off ching * r there are the pinch * s guards”the singer reproached. The native of Mazatlán called the staff who are aware of his home to request answers, who did not know what had happened.

Kimberly’s husband is the one who contacted Cecia Loaiza directly, asking her if she knew anything about the perpetrator of the destruction. Eventually, the youtuber He came out of hiding to face the victims of his heavy prank. Before the announcement, neither of the two affected seemed to be amused.

The singer also asked her cousin: “What are you waiting for?”, to which Cecia sarcastically replied: “Let them laugh”. Kimberly, who has recently dabbled in the world of urban music, dealt directly with Cecia to make her see what she had done.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja
In addition to creating content for the Internet, the couple has ventured into television (Photo: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza)

“You know it’s a gift that Juan gave me. You know it’s a dream for me to have it “Kim Loaiza added. His cousin, in a state of consternation, tried to calm things down by offering to repair the damage. “Now, now, leave her”Juan de Dios Pantoja answered with little encouragement.

“It got out of hand,” said Cecia, meanwhile Kimberly Loaiza cried at the event. The relatives melted into a hug, but the reconciliation was not close. Kim and Juan left the place: “Then we talk,” said the singer from Mazatlán.


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