Kimberly Loaiza discovers Juan de Dios Pantoja being unfaithful

Kimberly Loaiza slapped her husband after discovering again infidelity with the new babysitter.

Tremendous scandal is experienced on social networks after a video that shows Kimberly Loaiza discovering Juan de Dios Pantoja being unfaithful to her with a new babysitter she had hired went viral.

Very angry, the influencer did not hesitate to slap her husband, who was amazed to see that they saw him “red-handed.”

In the video we can see “La lindura mayor”, who was in the living room of her house, being alerted by one of her domestic employees.

Quite intrigued, she goes upstairs to find the father of her children receiving a massage from the nanny, who was wearing a rather provocative outfit.

However, you should know that it was all about a bad joke that the influencer did to his wife, which you can see in the new video that he shared on his YouTube channel, which has divided opinions among his fans, since some They called him out for pissing off Kimberly while others said they were amused by his reaction.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja began their love story on January 13, 2013, which means that they have been together for ten years.