King Carlos III will have a documentary on Paramount Plus

A few days after the coronation of King Carlos III, the chain has decided to release a documentary on his life.

Paramount Plus announced that it will premiere in its catalog a documentary in honor of the future King Carlos III, it will be released next Tuesday, May 2 and will offer viewers a new look at the king’s life.

King Charles, The Boy Who Walked Alone, a documentary to be released, will last 90 minutes and will contain exclusive interviews with the King, as well as with people who shared a time in his life with Carlos, taking the perspective of his friends, classmates, school, ex-girlfriends and his private life.

It will also show never-before-seen photos and letters from former colleagues, as well as real observers, this will be the first time they will reveal details of the future monarch’s life.

The title of the future Paramount+ production was inspired by a fellow boarding school of Carlos, Johnny Stonborough, who mentioned that he remembers that the future king was “the boy who walked alone”, due to the bullying and isolation he felt. around it.

His partner is part of the group of interviewees, along with India Hicks, goddaughter of King Carlos; Mervyn Wycherley, former head chef to the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer; squadron leader Graham Laurien, who has flown alongside King Charles more than 760 times and a couple of his ex-girlfriends Janet Jenkins and Jane Ward.

In addition to this, the document will also share previously unreported details about Charles’ relationship with Princess Diana and how it impacted his relationship with their son, Prince Harry, this after the explosive revelations about the royal family in his Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, as well as the autobiography Spare.

King Charles, The Boy Who Walked Alone, was produced by See It Now Studios and Blink Films.

On behalf of Blink Films, Dan Chambers and Tom Adams serve as executive producers, with Jim Nally serving as directing producer.

From See It Now Studios, Susan Zirinsky and Terence Wrong serve as executive producers, with Aysu Saliba as supervising producer and Adam Goldfried as executive director.