Kinto Sol launch “Corazón Corazón”

The Mexican group KINTO SOL, made up of the García brothers (Skribe, Chivo and Dj Payback), from Irámuco, Guanajuato, premiered “Corazón, corazón” on June 30, on all digital platforms, the 3rd single prior to its release their 15th album, in the month of August as part of their legendary 22-year run.

Kinto Sol has always been versatile with his music and has made conceptual, romantic, patriotic songs.

Under that same scheme it adapts to any track, boom bump with a fresh and new flow. It’s like his new track “Corazón, Corazón”, the romantic theme of the album, with a mesmerizing instrumental that transports you to the Mexican gold film era.

In the words of Skribe “for us it is a nostalgic song, but the rhythm and arrangements set the rhythm and move us with catchy choruses and easy to remember, without a doubt it is a song that does not lose the essence of Kinto Sol”.

The García brothers capture this song as their own experience, since they migrated to the city of Chicago and later relocated to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they currently live and have worked hard.

Their music is today the product of their experiences of Mexican/American culture and a common history among immigrants seeking the American dream, which has been reflected in their almost 15 albums in their 20-year career, leading them to win important recognitions such as Billboard.

Kinto Sol is currently touring the United States where they will have a series of concerts in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, among others, and they are also planning a series of dates in Mexico for the last quarter of 2023.

Mexicanos Bravos and 24 Kilates are the first tracks to emerge from their album #15, which have a video clip available on digital platforms and their YouTube channel.