Know the properties of star anise

Star anise is a rare ingredient in our kitchens.

Star anise is a rare ingredient in our kitchens—it’s most often used in desserts—but its uses can actually be quite wide-ranging.

From flavoring dishes or as a home remedy for stomach or colic problems, in Menu we tell you more about this plant.

This irregular star, also known as Chinese or badian anise, is extracted from a tree that is grown mainly in southwestern China and other parts of the world.

Its smell, shape and properties make star anise a popular spice in the preparation of teas and meals with roasted chicken or fish, due to the fact that its active principle of anethole increases the essence and flavor, however, before experimenting with this anise, You should take into account that it is recommended to use it in its solid form and not in powder, since unlike other types of anise (green or spicy), its seeds can overshadow the properties of the ingredients that accompany it.

In addition to using it whole, in Mediterranean countries, star anise oil is available in large quantities for various alcoholic beverages, bread, or ice cream.