Korean family visits Miramar beach; they are amazed to see the raccoons

The video was shared by the user @alitajugosita, the same recording has gone viral

A Korean family visited Miramar beach for the first time and were fascinated by the raccoons. Between photos, laughter and the beautiful view they enjoyed a tour of the maximum tourist promenade in Tamaulipas.

Miramar beach in Ciudad Madero is a tourist destination where visitors from other States of the Mexican Republic and foreigners arrive. Its warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the almost white sand and the gastronomy stand out from any other beach.

A family from Korea decided to visit Miramar beach and recorded their reactions. In the video it is shown that they arrive and begin to walk along the coastal boulevard.

They begin with the beautiful view where on one side they find the maximum tourist promenade and on the other side the Pánuco River. While walking along the breakwaters, they take photos and admire the beautiful view, as well as observe the famous souvenirs from Tampico in the form of crocodiles and raccoons, and the fish vendors.

The young Koreans climb on the rocks in the shape of ratchet to look for a raccoon, and when they see them they are amazed. In the same video they show how one of these little animals roams among the people and they refer “They walk like Juan through his house.”