Korean Idol Bang Chan From Stray Kids Joins KOMCA Top 10

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reported To Become Youngest K-Pop Idol To Enter KOMCA Top 10 Song Credits

Today, many K-Pop idols have successfully demonstrated their ability to make music and produce songs. One that is now being discussed is Bang Chan from the group Stray Kids.

Korean idol Bang Chan is known as one of the best songwriters in the fourth generation of K-Pop along with the members of his sub-unit group, 3RACHA.

In fact, Bang Chan is also known to have joined KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association) and joined several other South Korean musicians.

Recently, Bang Chan is known to have ranked 10th along with BAP’s Yongguk at KOMCA, successfully composing 138 songs.

This happened after it was announced that 3RACHA would be included in the Street Man Fighter Vol. 4 OST which is titled HEYDAY.

Previously, Bang Chan achieved a total of 137 songwriting credits at KOMCA after releasing songs for Stray Kids’ latest album MAXIDENT. Group Stray Kids also surpassed millions of views with their MANIAC MV.

This total makes Bang Chan rank 11th along with SEVENTEEN’s WOOZI. However, due to Bang Chan and 3RACHA’s achievements in the song HEYDAY, she managed to rise to number 10.