Kristen Stewart Compared to Featherweight at Met Gala 2023

Kristen Stewart’s style caused controversy in networks; Netizens confuse her with Featherweight.

In addition to showing the best outfits of celebrities, the Met Gala 2023 provided the funniest opinions of Internet users and this time, actress Kristen Stewart was the focus of attention, being compared to the singer of Lying Down Featherweight corridos for the similarity of styles.

On social networks, the hair style shown by the protagonist of the film ‘Twilight’, Kristen Stewart, caused controversy.

Internet users even swore that it was the Featherweight himself who had attended the Met Gala 2023.

Kristen Stewart wore a white tuxedo with black details; while she sported a mullet haircut, with a scruffy hairstyle, which caused her to be compared to the Featherweight lying corridar performer.

In addition to comparing Kristen Stewart to Featherweight, due to her hair style, netizens also saw similarities between the actress and Mexican actor Sebastián Ligarde, who played ‘Memo’ in the telenovela ‘Quinceañera’.

Meanwhile, other social media users reacted to Kristen Stewart’s style at the 2023 Met Gala, but instead of comparing her to Featherweight, they worried that her appearance could be a reflection of her health.

“Looks less ‘picky’ Featherweight than Kristen,” wrote one netizen.