Kristoff Raczynski destroys Omar Chaparro again as an actor: “Everything is crappy”

True to his style, Kristoff Raczynski criticized the movie available on Netflix, Blackout, where Omar Chaparro appears… But it seems that the communicator did not like anything.

“A film by the Almada brothers has more quality than this shit,” he said in a video for his YouTube channel. “I had to pause it several times and watch it in like 5 parts because I couldn’t take more than 15 minutes at a time.”

“This movie made me want to fall into drugs, in fact, I pretty much just hit myself in the face hard to get amnesia so I can forget about it,” Kristoff said of Blackout.

But Omar Chaparro fared worse. “He looks like he’s dressed up for Halloween. Isn’t he just like Antonio Banderas’ character in Interview with the Vampire? Or maybe they were trying to copy Antonio Banderas in Desperate? Or maybe Marco Antonio Solis? Whatever the intention, he didn’t like it.” It came out, and that wig is wrong, it looks very fake, they can’t even do that well, “he reiterated.

“I wonder if Omar Chaparro reads the scripts before accepting the character because none of this makes sense,” he said before criticizing a scene… “It seems that someone has been taking acting classes at the CEA. It’s crazy laugh , does not know how to be threatening, nor can the voice modulate to command respect”.

For Kristoff, Omar Chaparro is not an actor: “His thing is to play the little clown dancing with makeup and hairstyles, not acting.”

It should be remembered that Omar had already complained that his former Telehit partner spends his time talking badly about him. However, Kristoff insisted that he talks about his work as an actor, “pretty mediocre by the way”.

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