Kuno Becker confesses his drug addiction

Despite having previously made his case known, he spoke again in more detail about the situation, confessing that it was a hard time for him to leave that dark world alive.

It was through a video that he shared on his Instagram account where the protagonist of the film “Goal, The Impossible Dream” acknowledged that the excesses of drugs put his life at risk, commenting that “it was not a thing there More or less, it was a pretty serious illness.”

The Mexican actor revealed that his body felt totally weak to such an extent that he could get out of bed and had to get up by himself with whatever was at hand.

His situation was so serious that he came to see death on his own face, which led him to make the decision to enter a rehabilitation clinic.

“I remember seeing myself in the mirror and seeing death reflected, I knew that I could die at any moment.”

But the rehabilitation process was even more difficult, because despite the fact that he was already taking action on the matter to recover his health, he felt that going ahead made no sense, but there was a very special being who gave a new meaning to his life. life and was his greatest support in this tough battle, his dog Martina.