Kuno Becker opens up about drugs and remembers that he appeared “drunk and drugged” on TV

For the first time and with brutal honesty, Kuno Becker confessed what he experienced because of his drug addiction, specifically cocaine, which, although it helped him get out of depression, later brought him problems.

The actor said that in 2016 his addiction problem began due to a strong depression as a result of a toxic relationship. In a live broadcast, he recounted:

“A few years ago, when I was 38 years old, I got depressed. I was in a very destructive relationship where, well, a brutal depression set me off until I committed the immense bullshit of trying drugs, and that drug was cocaine”.

“I had heard that cocaine made you feel much better, very good, and there was no way to feel depressed if you were high on cocaine,” he admitted.

He confessed that the drug stimulated him to continue in the face of his suicidal thoughts, although he does not stop calling the fact of consuming it “bullshit”: “I have to confess that, at that moment, and be careful, don’t misunderstand, at that moment cocaine saved my life, because I didn’t take my own life, it encouraged me to keep going, it messed with my mind in thinking that I I thought faster, I wrote faster, I worked better.

He even remembered when he appeared drugged on television.

“That’s why they saw me in some interviews doing stupid things […] there is an interview on Telemundo where I went to a television program drunk and drugged to promote something that went very wrong, trying to be funny, making a fool of myself that cost me a job and, above all, cost me confidence in myself,” said Kuno Becker.

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He recalled that he only asked for help and underwent a rehabilitation process, which included apologizing to those I had hurt.

“I made a letter with the names of the people I had hurt in some way, professionally, above all, personally too, emotionally, with some nonsense I said, never physically, I never did anything serious. I always hurt myself. I made a list and apologized to all those kinds of people. I called or saw each one if I could, two people didn’t accept my apology, everyone else told me ‘Kuno, a lot of us have been through that’. […] Only two people did not accept my apology and it hurt me, but you can only ask for an apology,” he admitted.

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