Kylian Mbappé, ever closer to Real Madrid: “Now come great challenges”

Mbappé wanted to leave the club in July (Reuters) (GONZALO FUENTES /)

The future of Kylian Mbappé it is getting closer to being resolved. In 26 days, the French star will be in a position to freely negotiate his fate both with other clubs and with PSG, who will fight until the end to make him renew his link with the entity, which ends the June 30, 2022.

However, in each public appearance, the talented forward hints through winks that his future would be far from Paris and ever closer to Madrid. In August, during the transfer period, he had already recognized that his intention was to leave the entity in July, something that the directors did not grant him.

“Disappointed with not going out? A bit. It’s not easy, whatever happened I was going to play for a great club, “he recently acknowledged in an interview with Thierry henry for Amazon Prime.

As of January 1, Mbappé will be able to negotiate freely with any suitor (Reuters)
As of January 1, Mbappé will be able to negotiate freely with any suitor (Reuters) (BENOIT TESSIER /)

“People asked me if I wasn’t very disappointed… Yes, a little at first when I wanted to leave, but I wasn’t playing at National. I am in a team that wants to win the Champions League. I am also Parisian, I feel great, but I wanted to discover something else “, continued the last world champion with France.

Fanaticism of Mbappe for him Real Madrid it is public knowledge, as is Florentino Pérez’s intention to have it in the institution. A mutual interest that could unite them as of June 2023, when the footballer ends his contract with PSG and Arrive free to the Spanish capital.

Henry, who served as interviewer, wanted to emphasize this with an encrypted question: “Your English is good, and your Spanish too?”

Laughing, understanding what he was referring to, the 22-year-old just answered: “If it is too good. It is because I have always wanted to be a great soccer player and an important public figure. Now, you can’t want to be an international star and speak only French, this doesn’t make any sense. If you arrive in Spain and know how to speak… Everything will be better ”.

Mbappé maintains his position of not renewing with PSG (Reuters)
Mbappé maintains his position of not renewing with PSG (Reuters) (GONZALO FUENTES /)

“I am happy, now many things and great challenges are coming”, said the footballer who also spoke about the painful elimination of the European Championship in the round of 16 against Switzerland on penalties, he being the only one who erred in the set of five: “I argued a lot with my parents after the Euro and the penalty . I wondered if I had to get out of the selection. My parents knew I wanted to leave, but they told me to focus on the field again. Maybe I put too much energy into other things. “

Among other topics, Thierry Henry also wanted to talk about the current situation, in which the native of Bondy (24 kilometers from Paris) shares the lead with two superstars such as Lionel Messi and Neymar: “We cannot hide. We are aware that we have to do more when we have players of this level ”. “Am I the boss? It does not matter. The objective is that the three of us are in good condition “, he sentenced.

Finally, and with the intention of making it clear that his future is far from Paris, the former Arsenal of England reference decided to close the interview in which they spoke in French with a “See you later” in Spanish, something that did not go unnoticed for Mbappé, who burst out laughing together with Roberto Martínez’s current assistant in the Belgium team.


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