La Casa de los Famosos: this was the passionate kiss between Lupillo Rivera and Marilipy, did you enjoy it?

Lupillo Rivera and Maripily had a passionate kiss on LCDLF 4.


La Casa de los Famosos 4 seems to be the season of kisses, because a few days after the program began, the Venezuelan influencer, La Divaza, and the Mexican actor, Alfredo Adame, starred in a kiss that went viral on the internet.

Likewise, during the last hours, La Divaza once again experienced a passionate moment, as she kissed the model Clovis Nienow on the mouth. This little bit was made because both contestants paid a challenge, since they had said that if the public did not eliminate Clovis, he would kiss the influencer, which was true.

But that’s not all, because a few minutes ago, other participants were on the public’s lips, it’s about Lupillo Rivera and Maripily, who at one point gave each other a warm kiss.

Lupillo Rivera and Maripily have a passionate kiss in LCDLF 4

The regional Mexican singer did not want to be left behind and decided to monopolize the public’s attention with Maripily.

Both, at one point, kissed and users quickly began to wonder, did they enjoy it?

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