La Casita de las Sopas, Carmen Salinas’ restaurant in CDMX, closes after 25 years of service

Carmen Salinas


It has been announced that ‘La Casita de las Sopas’, Doña Carmen Salinas’ famous restaurant, located in the Verónica Anzures neighborhood, is closing its doors.

María Eugenia Plascencia, heir to the business and daughter of Carmen Salinas, has announced the closure of the traditional Mexican food restaurantwhere there was a family atmosphere, surrounded by several photographs of the outstanding career of the endearing actress originally from Torreón, Coahuila, who died at 82 years of age.

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La Casita de las Sopas, Carmen Salinas’ restaurant in CDMX, closes after 25 years of service



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“We want to express our deepest gratitude for allowing us to be part of your lives. It has been an honor, a privilege to serve our community with love, warmth and, of course, delicious foods. Our trip would not have been possible without his loyal support, laughter and countless memories created within the walls of our beloved ‘Soup House’. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being an integral part of all of this.

While the physical doors of our restaurant have closed, the bonds we have formed will endure.. We hope to meet again in different ways, but until then, Please accept our most sincere thanks for making these 25 years an extraordinary journey.“, reads a statement signed by Maru Plascencia, daughter of the actress; and Manuel Monge, grandson, on December 29.

Maria Eugenia Plascencia told ‘Ventaneando’ that it was difficult to make the decision, but Due to the pandemic and low income it was difficult to sustain the business. Now, Mrs. Carmen Salinas’ daughter will focus on her personal projects.


The restaurant ‘La Casita de las Sopas’ had 25 years of service.



María Eugenia Plascencia closes La Casita de las Sopas, the restaurant that her mother, Carmen Salinas, inherited from her.


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