‘La Choco’ was moved to tears when she remembered how she told her children that she had breast cancer

Jimena Pérez “La Choco” opened her heart in a talk with Pati Chapoy.


Jimena Pérez “La Choco” had a very personal talk with Pati Chapoy where she told, in great detail, what her experience was after she defeated breast cancer.

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During the exclusive interview, “La Choco” recalled, with a broken voice and crying, How she found out she had breast cancer, as well as her family’s reaction when he told them the terrible news; especially the moment she told his eldest son, Iker, about the illness.

The interview that Pati Chapoy conducted with “La Choco” It had a great echo on social networks, especially because the host opened her heart like she had not done before: these were her statements.

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“La Choco” told Pati Chapoy that tIt all started when she felt a lump in her breast, so he called his doctor in Mexico; The professional, upon finding out, asked him to travel from Spain to carry out the required studies.

“We do a Zoom with the doctor and he tells me that I do have cancer”

Thus, Jimena Pérez returned to Mexico for the analysis. Two weeks later, he received the unfortunate diagnosis: he had cancer.

“We do a Zoom with the doctor and he tells me that I do have cancer. I didn’t break down that much there, because I already half sensed it, but the doctor told me: ‘Yes, you have cancer, but it’s not a common cancer,’ that’s when I broke down,” the driver acknowledged.

“The Choco” She also recalled that her husband, Rafa Sarmiento, was with her at the time she received the diagnosis; Shortly after, his son Iker came in, but decided not to talk to him about it until later, more calmly.


Jimena Pérez, for the moment, did not want talk about it with your children; however, Seeing them distressed, he chose to tell them the truth:

“With Iker it was very complicated, I told him so, but I didn’t say the word cancer as such”

“If you say breast cancer to Iñaki, he has no idea what it is, but he did notice that he was more sensitive, he was looking for me, he was like very chipper and so on,” said the host.

“With Iker it was very complicated, I told him, but I didn’t say the word cancer as such, because I think it’s a super strong word and it scares everyone. I told him: ‘Handsome, they detected a small tumor and I’m going to get it removed in Mexico’, he told me: ‘Ok, but isn’t it serious? Aren’t you going to die?’ and I: ‘No,’” “La Choco” said through tears.

Jimena Pérez accepted that, for the moment, her son was calm with that explanation; however, Days later Iker became aware of the situation:

“A week later he arrives and out of nowhere he tells me: ‘Mom, you don’t have cancer, right? Because if you have cancer, I’ll die.’ I told him: ‘It’s a type of cancer, but I’m not going to die, I promise you, that’s why I’m going to Mexico,’” said Jimena Díaz, who admitted that she was afraid and felt uncertainty throughout the entire process.