La Cotorrisa confesses that they consumed illicit substances during the filming of ‘Divina Comida’

The comedians confessed a series of situations they experienced with the production of ‘Divina Comida’.


The popular Mexican comedy duo known as The Cotorrisacomposed by Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzky, has made a surprising confession. During a recent interview on the Yordi Rosadothey admitted that they used drugs during the filming of some episodes of the series ‘Divine Food’.

La Cotorrisa consumed drugs during the recording of ‘Divina Comida’

‘Divine Food’ it’s a HBO reality show that shows the most intimate of the homes of various famous Mexicans. The Cotorrisa participated in several episodes of the series, and during their participation, they admitted that they used marijuana between each shot.

According to Slobotzkyduring filming, HBO He proposed a dynamic that consisted of throwing confetti and flour. However, this experience was not as festive as it seemed. Ricardo Perez revealed the side effects of the dynamic: “HBO made us do a dynamic in which we threw confetti, and the flour came off. “I was like we had measles for three days.”

Besides, the comedians shared that they had serious run-ins with the production due to his off-color comments and jokes, as well as the fact that consume and talk about drugs within the shooting of your team. As a result, the HBO production He cut 80% of what was said during the program.

Despite the difficulties, The Cotorrisa He made it clear that the experience was generally positive and that, despite the differences, they managed to find a balance to make the audience laugh.

This confession has generated a lot of speculation and debate on social media. While some fans have criticized The Cotorrisa Because of his behavior, others have defended his right to free speech and applauded his honesty.

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