Lady says that Bad Bunny’s songs motivate to be unfaithful

“Probably the men who listen to reggaeton are all unfaithful,” the lady reiterated.

He is known worldwide for the type of genre he usually sings, the same one that has generated all kinds of controversies, it is in this sense that a female dared to ensure that Bad Bunny’s songs motivate to be unfaithful.

The woman’s statement sparked a wave of comments that ended up making it viral.

This occurred in the midst of the recent controversy caused by the artist, where Bad Bunny threw the cell phone of a fan who wanted to take a picture with him.

The Tiktoker Icefire (@icefire_oficial) interviewed a woman who assured him that the Puerto Rican’s songs “incite to be unfaithful.”

The female said first: “I didn’t let my boyfriend listen to Bad Bunny because those songs incite to be unfaithful, reggaeton songs in general.”

“And in particular my boyfriend because he listened to it, but I forbade it, I already told him that it was better to have other music than that,” added the lady.

But he did not limit himself to saying that Bad Bunny’s songs motivate to be unfaithful, because he explained: “Imagine being told ‘I want your little thing or something like that’, what are those things, or ‘I want your macana’, what is it that. Those songs are rude!”