Las Estrellas premieres ‘Nobody like you’: here you can watch the chapters you’ve missed for free

“Nobody Like You” stars Karla Esquivel and Brandon Peniche.

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“No one like you”, the most recent telenovela from Las Estrellas, premiered just this August 14 and little by little it is gaining fans who do not miss a single episode, broadcast Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m. late, starting the soap opera bar that has gained so much popularity over the years.

this soap opera, directed by Ignacio Sada and starring Karla Esquivel and Brandon Penichecombines a story of love and betrayal while leading you by the hand through the world of mezcal, so Many will surely remember the soap opera “Distilling love” when seeing its beautiful landscapes.

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Did you just start watching “Nobody Like You” and want to catch up with the chapters? We have excellent news for you: the first chapters of the soap opera are available on a streaming platform where you can see them complete; Here at TVyNovelas we have the details.


“No one like you” has an exciting plot where we are witnesses of an impossible love story that is brewing between “Ximena”, a young mezcal teacher, and “Salvador”the heir to the family that raised her.

To find out all the details of this couple’s story, you can tune in to “Nobody like you” from Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m. at The stars; however, if you missed the first few episodes and want to watch them, there is another option: you can watch them through ViX, streaming platform that gives you the option to watch the first four episodes of the telenovela completely free; If you want to continue with the story, you must become Premium (take advantage of the promotion and pay 499 pesos for one year) to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Finally, one more option remains: You can see them through the official website of Las Estrellas, where you can see the chapters up to seven days old; likewise, in his official YouTube account they will be putting the best moments of the telenovela day by day. Don’t miss a single detail of this exciting story!