Laura Bozo’s house in Acapulco was damaged after Hurricane Otis… and the driver still doesn’t know it!

Laura Bozzo is currently enjoying a good time in Spain with the reality show “Big Brother VIP”.

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Laura Bozzo is part of the list of celebrities who has a property in Acapulco, which was seriously damaged after the impact of Hurricane “Otis”; however, the host still does not know it for this reason.

Recently, Laura Bozzo went viral on social networks and was a topic of conversation after will get naked on the reality show “Big Brother VIP”, a reality show from Spain that is similar to “La Casa de los Famosos”, and While the Peruvian continues to give something to talk about in Europe, in Mexico things are not going well at all.

And, apparently, the driver has not yet been notified of serious news: The luxurious house he has in Acapulco was damaged after the hurricaneOtis”, according to what was reported by his daughter. She knows the story.


Victoria de la Fuente, daughter of Laura Bozzo, shared a post through her Instagram account where she issued a message of reflection, while at the same time He asked to continue with donations for the victims of Guerrero. It was then that one of the followers He asked about the house that the Peruvian woman has in Acapulco:

“Victoria, do you know something about Laurita’s house, report back to us with news,” the comments read.


Victoria de la Fuente detailed, in an Instagram comment, how Laura Bozzo’s house is.


Laura Bozzo’s daughter responded to her fan’s request, confirming what many already feared:

“In the end, everything is still standing and everyone at home is fine. Thank God, but it is going to take a lot of effort to rebuild everything.”responded Victoria de la Fuente, confirming in this way that Bozzo’s house also suffered damage from the natural disaster.

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On the other hand, Victoria called to support those affected by the powerful hurricane that hit the coast of Guerrero last weekend: “Help! Acapulco, in many ways my second home, has endured yesterday a hurricane devastating. “90 percent of all homes have suffered catastrophic damage and the entire city is still in communication, so we still cannot understand the magnitude of what is happening,” the post reads.