Laura Bozzo criticizes Becky G for not attending to the press on her arrival in Mexico

  • The famous singer had a chaotic arrival in the country for her presentation at the Tecate Emblema

A couple of days ago, a video began to circulate on social networks where you can see the chaotic arrival that Becky G had in Mexico where the famous singer showed no intention of attending to the media.

Reporters and cameramen rushed at the singer in order to obtain a statement after her apparent break with Sebastian Lletget, however, the American singer, who was surrounded by security, hurried her way to a van that was waiting for her outside the airport.

After the controversy around her arrival, Becky G said on her social networks: «My work has nothing to do with drama, being a gossip, talking about negative things. If there is something to say, it will be said, if not, no.

These statements reached the ears of the controversial television host, Laura Bozzo, who did not hesitate to criticize Becky G’s actions and made it clear that despite good or bad, “she is due to the media.”

«No, don’t talk stupid **. I live from the press, the press is my ally for me, they can criticize me, they can tell me what they want because they are within their rights and I have an obligation to respond, because the press reaches the public and the public wants to hear from you» Laura said.