Laura Bozzo is free and promises to return to television

Laura bozzo he has been saved from going to jail. At least now that he has won a decision to permanently suspend his arrest warrant. In other words, it is no longer wanted by Interpol.

“This resolution was obtained after I went to court and paid the amount they imposed on me,” he explains. Bozzo through a video on social networks.

The driver had been persecuted by Interpol since September, since the Attorney General’s Office had requested it based on an arrest warrant of August 14. The crime? Tax evasion.

“The biggest lies in the world have been told on this issue and we are going to clarify them with evidence and we are going to demonstrate this defamatory campaign against me,” he says. Bozzo in the video.

The escape of Laura Bozzo

Since 2012, Laura bozzo He had a debt of more than 12 million pesos with the Ministry of Finance for the concept of evasion in the payment of taxes. Bozzo has assured that it was an error of his accountant, who forgot to write the driver’s address on his tax return.

After an audit, Bozzo was seized a property in the state of Mexico as collateral for the payment of the amount owed to the SAT.

Despite the embargo, Ms. Laura decided to sell the property, prompting her to be issued an arrest warrant on August 14. Since then, Bozzo has disappeared.

In September, Interpol issues a red card to search for it in the 160 countries with which it has treaties.

Today Laura has finally appeared from Acapulco. “Thanks to Mexican justice,” she said in her social media video in which she also made a promise that she will return with the original version of the program that made her famous.

“I promise you that I will return with ‘Laura in America’, renewed, with social networks, but with social help ahead, which was what distinguished me, what made me different. I am not a television star. “