Laura Bozzo is trapped in a blockade in Chilpancingo and goes down to negotiate: Let’s see, wretch, come here

The driver was trapped during a blockade in Chilpancingo.

Laura Bozzo was one of the hundreds of people who were affected during the blockade of protesters on the Autopista del Sol in Chilpancingo.

Through a video that circulates on networks, you can see Laura Bozzo talking with protesters who blocked the highway and negotiating to let her pass.

Laura Bozzo she made use of her profession as a lawyer and decided to get out of her car to talk with the protesters, learn about their demands and see how she could support them.


Residents and transporters of Chilpancingo, Guerrerothey blocked the Autopista del Sol, yesterday afternoon, after they did not reach an agreement after a meeting with the Secretary General of the Government, Ludwig Reynoso Nunez.

“Yes, I like you, because you are so unfortunate,” one of the residents expressed to the controversial Peruvian driver, who replied: “I am one of you” and even remembered when “they wanted to put her in jail” and received a hug from the protester.

“No, they always say the same thing so that you vote for them, but at the right time…”, Bozzo is heard saying.

“Let’s see wretch, come here. Right now I’ll take your lover away, damn it, come here, hang on… or I’ll send you to hell…”, he said Miss Lauraprovoking laughter from those present.

“Chaos on the Acapulco highway taken over by a group of protesters, talk to them, they are from the high and low mountains of Guerrero, they have a hospital without a doctor, a classroom, but no teachers, there are no roads, I beg the governor (Evelyn Salgado) to attend to your requests.” .

“I have not been able to sleep thinking about all those people from the high and low mountains of Guerrero who do not have a hospital or equipped classrooms or a road, it cannot be possible I will be their voice and those are the people I love, I will take care of myself personally” , wrote the television presenter on her networks.

Several Internet users assured that the protesters took pity on Laura Bozzo and let her pass.