Laura Bozzo talks about an attempted robbery on the highway

The Peruvian host offered an interview where she gave details of the attempted assault.

The television presenter denounced through her social networks an attempted assault on the highway to Acapulco, Guerrero on the night of Friday, December 2.

After recovering from the shock, the communicator spoke with Ciro Gómez Leyva on his radio program and offered details of the incident of which he was a victim.

Laura Bozzo explained that she was going to her house in Acapulco when she had a mishap with some tires that were left in the middle of the road with the intention, she believes, of robbing her.

Bozzo explained that during his journey he ran into tires twice on the highway, the second time he suffered a mishap with his car.

After the incident, he realized that there were several men on the road, which made him suspicious, so he told his driver to continue moving forward regardless of whether his vehicle suffered more damage.

Laura Bozzo said that later she found a gas station on the Autopista del Sol, where she ran into an elderly woman in shock because stones had been thrown at her vehicle from a bridge.

The communicator ended by explaining that, due to how affected her car was, she had to leave it at the gas station and a couple, who was there in the place, offered to take her to Chilpancingo.

Laura Bozzo explained that the couple told her that the attempted robbery of which she was a victim was very common in the place but very few people denounce it.