Laura Zapata explodes against a follower who compared her to Wendy Guevara: ‘Idiot!’

Laura Zapata did not hesitate to tell a few truths to the follower who compared her to Wendy.

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Laura Zapata starred in an uncomfortable moment during a live broadcast after she was compared to Wendy Guevara, which made her angry.

It was during a TikTok live that Laura Zapata “took out her claws” and told one of her followers everything after he mentioned Wendy Guevara, something that the popular soap opera villain could not stand.

The reaction of Laura Zapata It didn’t take long for it to go viral, and the video of the curious moment soon spread on social networks because many people They didn’t expect the actress to react that way, but she did, and with insults included.


Laura Zapata was reading some of the comments from his followers on a TikTok live when one of them unleashed his fury: in it, one of Her fans assured her that she and Wendy Guevara looked alike, which bothered the actress a lot.who did not hesitate to insult his fan:

“Oh yeah, idiot! You have no idea. Go to sleep, go to sleep! I don’t want to fight today.”

“ ‘She looks like Wendy…’ Oh yes, idiot! You have no idea. Go to sleep, go to sleep! Today I don’t want to fight, especially with fools who, furthermore, They do not know how to see or even distinguish a lady from… From another person” he burst out Laura Zapatavisibly upset at this unexpected turn.


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This reaction did not go unnoticed by Internet users.who did not hesitate to fill social networks with comments against Laura Zapata and, as one user wrote, they did not imagine that “Laura Zapata is a villain in real life as in the novels.”

“What Laura Zapata says is the truth, no comparison”, “She looks like Jessica Esoteric”, “Wendy would like to have the lady’s career.” Who is Laura Zapata?” and “Exactly how are they going to confuse Wendy’s lady with this other person,” are some of the comments left by users of social networks.