Lawsuits, betrayal and fans who accuse them of fraud: OV7 and their controversial 30-year tour

After a couple of years of waiting, where there were disagreements and even an apparent division between the members of the group, this week it was confirmed thatand OV7 prepares the tour to celebrate its 30 years with OCESA SeiTrack.

Through a statement, they announced that after everything that has happened “coincidences prevail and they share the interest of making all their projects together a great success, always thinking of their fans and in that long-awaited moment of meeting again with they”.

But this announcement is overshadowed by the disagreement of some fans, who accuse the group of fraud, because after two years of having bought the tickets for the long-awaited tour, there are no shows or refunds.

With the hashtag #FraudeOV7OCESA, some fans demand their money back, since they have already waited too long and, despite the announcement that there will be a tour, the dates of the concerts have not yet been established.

And it is that the members had not agreed to carry out the tour. The problems come from before the pandemic, after four years of the 90s Pop Tour, where it was learned that there were money problems between the OV7 and Ari Borovoy.

In November 2019, a video appeared where Mariana Ochoa appeared crying after learning that the group had been removed from the tour. “This has been a unilateral decision, we were not given notice, there was no negotiation.”

Later, Mariana appeared with Ari Borovoy to clarify that he always paid her. However, to date, the singer has said that she has signed an agreement where it was established that she cannot speak “neither good nor bad” about her partner’s company.

In mid-2021, when there was still no clarity as to whether the tour would exist, the members’ war of declarations began. Without saying names, Lidia Ávila pointed out that not the entire group signed a one-year extension requested by OCESA, the company that would manage their long-awaited tour. “Either it was the 7 or nothing.”

“I, Lidia, signed that extension with all the intention that the tour be done at the time that OCESA said. After that, a notarized power of attorney arrived, I understood that we had not signed the 7 and that’s it, I returned the 100 % of the advance. But I’m set for the tour, “Lidia Ávila told Javier Poza.

In the midst of this estrangement, apparently two groups were formed from the 7: Lidia Ávila, Mariana Ochoa and Óscar Schwebel; and on the other hand, Ari Borovoy, Erika Zaba, Kalimba and M’Balia Marichal.

However, none of them wanted to admit that ‘sides’ were formed. Lidia, for example, said: “I wouldn’t call it sides, there are different positions regarding the group’s situation. It’s evident, the ones I talk to are Mariana and Oscar, just as 4 of them talk to each other.”

Ari, for his part, insisted: “More than two sides, they are different ways of thinking that emerged in the pandemic. And we are here, the 4 of us who in a way, perhaps unintentionally, were singled out as the ones who were not wanting to participate in a tour, when it is not like that. Speaking directly, we are set for the tour. Now that we see that Lidia is set, well, she is incredible, we are already 5”.

So said Ari in an interview with Javier Poza, where he joined Erika, M’Balia and Kalimba to explain why there were no confirmed dates for the OV7 tour. Still, they insisted that the tour is not cancelled.

Lidia Ávila never said names, but Ari, Erika, Kalimba and M’Balia ended up confirming that they were the ones who did not sign the extension with OCESA due to the uncertainty of the dates. M’Balia explained that there were no ‘sides’. “It is not that one party is at odds with the other or that there is really a conflict, there is a difference of opinion, being 7 it is very difficult for us to think the same way and normally there is a majority. In this case, the 4 people who are here we did not want to give a new date for the public and that is what makes the difference in the extension”.

“The difference was that, for us, it was not a good idea to give people a new date that could be canceled. In the quarantine there was speculation about the time we could go out, but we are here because it has not happened” said the singer.

Meanwhile, Kalimba commented on the difference of opinion: “There is a thought that when OCESA asked us for the extension, some said ‘perfect, let’s sign it and then we’ll see when we adjust the dates’. We thought ‘first let’s adjust the dates, and then let’s sign this ‘ That’s why we say the tour is not cancelled.”

For its part, Erika Zaba admitted that they had “to fix differences, we do have to talk among the 7 of us to be able to fix things and get on stage well, because I think that tour will last about a year and a half and we don’t think we’re wrong, or hypocritical, that It’s impossible… Of course it shows!”

So finally, it seems that the seven do want to do the tour, but now they are faced with the discontent of several fans.