LCDLF 4: Nicola Porcella is criticized for saying that La Divaza ‘does not reach’ Wendy Guevara

Nicola Porcella admitted that she doesn’t even know La Divaza.

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Despite the surprise that generated La Divaza’s kiss was with Clovis Nienow and Alfredo Adame, Nicola Porcella admitted that she does not know the influencer and said that she is far from being like Wendy Guevara.

La Casa de los Famosos 4 (LCDLF) began just two weeks ago on Telemundoand two participants have since been eliminated: Christian Estrada and Leslie Gallardo. The reality show has left great surprises and, despite following its own line, many have compared some scenes with what was seen in its Mexican version, where Wendy Guevara was the winner.

After the kiss between La Divaza and Clovis, the comparison with the chemistry between Nicola Porcella and Wendy Guevara has been more evident, especially due to some comments by Gregorio Pernia.

However, for Porcella, this is far from the same, since in a live broadcast he confessed that he does not even know the influencer.

“La Divaza is not Wendy”, Nicola said, visibly impressed. “We have to separate two things: La Divaza is not doing even 1% of what Wendy does, because I see everything on networks and I don’t even know who she is. So, La Divaza is not Wendy.”

Agustín Fernández, who was also present at the broadcast, said that the Venezuelan “wasn’t even funny.”

Check out what Nicola Porcella said about La Divaza below:

They criticize Nicola Porcella for saying that La Divaza is not like Wendy Guevara

Users who viewed the video of Nicola Porcella talking about La Divaza They did not forgive the Peruvian’s statement and attacked him with comments such as:

  • “It burns because La Divaza doesn’t need to hang himself or be hanged like he did with Wendy.”
  • “Why bring Wendy into this? “La Divaza and Wendy have been friends for a long time.”
  • “La Divaza has not had to rely on anyone to be what she is now.”

However, there were those who remembered when Nicola was inside ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’ and was La Divaza who criticized him for not deserving the award, when he and ‘La Perdida’ were the finalists of the reality show.

Even Nicola Porcella himself responded to these comments saying: “1% is appreciated and don’t forget who spoke badly about me while I was in the house to generate views.”

Nicola Porcella what he said to La Divaza

Nicola Porcella remembered when La Divaza criticized him in ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’.


Who is La Divaza, one of the favorites in LCDLF 4?

La Divaza is a Venezuelan influencer who is currently part of the participants in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, broadcast on Telemundo. His real name is Pedro Luis Joao Figueroa Álvarez and he is currently 25 years old.

He lives in Mexico, where he shares content especially aimed at the LGBT+ community through YouTube, a platform that has seen him grow since 2012.

On Instagram, La Divaza has a solid community of followerswith more than 7.3 million users who follow its content daily, especially now that it participates in LCDLF 4.

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