LCDLFM’s memes: Wendy won ‘The House of Famous Mexico 2023’ and this is how social networks reacted

Wendy turns off the lights of “The house of famous Mexico”.


Wendy Guevara was the big winner of the first edition of “The House of Famous Mexico 2023” after a Final Gala that gave us all kinds of emotions. Wendy goes home with four million pesos in her bag, a legion of new followers and, of course, memes.

And it is that social networks do not forgive. As soon as Galilea Montijo announced that Wendy had succeeded in the reality show, Internet users immediately put all their efforts into posting funny memes not only of the winner, but of the details of the Final Gala.


Creativity has no limits. In addition to the controversies, the statements and the gossip, the fun also had a place in “The house of the famous Mexico 2023”. A small selection of memes demonstrates this convincingly: despite the accusations of fraud and the finger pointing between the celebrities who participated in the contest, the laughs dominated the first place at all times.

shocking looksjokes, dynamics and, of course, Poncho, Sergio, Nicola and Wendy at the center of this latest edition of “The House of Famous Mexico 2023”: There were plenty of topics for memes.

Surely netizens won’t have to try too hard now that it’s been confirmed a second season of “The House of Famous Mexico”. Although the list of celebrities has not been confirmed, we are sure that This reality show will continue to be among the preferences of the public.