Leading actress Gina Romand dies at 84

The medium of the show is in mourning again and a star that lit up in cinema, theater and television is lost again, because this Saturday, December 3, the death of Gina Romand, the first actress of Cuban origin who conquered the industry since the time, was confirmed. of gold.

Without the causes of death having been confirmed, it was known that the actress had been hospitalized for a week.

Gina Romand is remembered for appearances in films such as Campeón de barrio, I am very macho, My hero, and La Bandida, along with María Félix. We also saw her in ‘Entrega inmediata’ with the immortal Mario Moreno Cantinflas, as well as in several films with El Santo. In soap operas, she participated in titles such as ‘Love in custody’ and ‘Love is not how they paint it’, on TV Azteca.

gabriel varelaactor, producer, theater director and whom you have surely seen in funny pillow advertisements, said goodbye to his mother with a heartfelt message.

On social media he wrote: “With all my pain, I say goodbye to my mother, Gina Romand, who always enlightened my life, now she rests in peace illuminating the sky with her eternal shine. I will always miss you and love you forever. Rest easy my category blonde” .

Just on November 29, Gina Varela also thanked her for the messages of support for her mother, who had gone to intermediate therapy, which gave hope for her improvement.

Since November 26, Gabriel Varela reported that his mother had health problems: “My beautiful mother, what I love most in the world, today, is torn between life and death, in a hospital. I know that her strength and will to live, they will be able to move it forward. Your prayers and good wishes are appreciated.”

Rest in peace.

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